Resetting your SSH keys

If you are experiencing problems logging into the departmental servers via SSH it may be because your ssh keys don’t match.

The easiest thing to do is to delete your .ssh keys from your account profile.

1. To do that simply log into


Enter your password when prompted.

2. remove your .ssh folder

cd ~/
rm -rf .ssh

3. Update your ssh keys for use with citv (you must log into one of the Shakespeare servers)

ssh [USERNAME]@desdemona

Enter your password when prompted.

4. Initialize CITV

citv init

Hopefully after doing this you should be able to ssh successfully into the VM servers. To test it, try logging into another Shakespeare server.

ssh [USERNAME]@ophelia

If it logs into the system successfully without asking for your password it works. Your SSH keys have been reset.

Last Updated 10/05/2022