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Welcome to Computer Science & Software Engineering

The DSU Computing and Design department offers a Computer Science degree (CS) and a Software Engineering degree (SE). These are ideal for students interested in careers in the software industry.

Below you will find descriptions of each of these fields as well as many of the job requirements employers are requesting. Additionally, you will find DSU course listings next to the job requirements. These course listings correspond to specific courses that teach the skills employers seek. Please take the time to browse through these careers and course offerings below. We also invite you to come in and test drive the latest in computer hardware and software and explore your technical abilities while you learn with us at Dixie State University’s Computer Science program.

Software Engineering—Computer Programming

Computer Programmers and software engineers write code, generally in C, C++, Java, or a variety of other programming languages. CIT courses that teach computer programming and software engineering include:

Many of the job requirments of computer programmers include:

Career Information Sites:

Last Updated 09/15/2021