CS 2810: Computer Organization and Architecture

Spring 2024 Topics
Jan 8–12 binary, 2s complement, binary logic (ch1), linux, cli, ssh
Jan 15–19 (MLK Day) ch6: instructions, operands, memory, constants, logical/shift, mul/div, branch & jumps, conditionals & loops
Jan 22–26 gdb basics, floats intro, ch6: arrays, function calls, stack
Jan 29–Feb 2 gdb memory, endianness, float conversions both ways
Feb 5–9 functions, stack frames, memory map
Feb 12–16 more debugger: ch7: microarchitecture, single-cycle processor
Feb 19–23 (President’s Day) ch7: multi-cycle processor, pipelining
Feb 26–Mar 1 ch7: advanced microarchitecture
Mar 4–8
Mar 11–15 (Spring Break) -
Mar 18–22 appx C: C overview, compilation
Mar 25–29 appx C: variables, operators
Apr 1–5 appx C: function calls, control flow
Apr 8–12 appx C: pointers, arrays, characters, strings, structs, typedef
Apr 15–19 appx C: dynamic memory allocation, linked lists, standard library
Apr 22–26 (Thursday last day) 8-bit computers

Changes to the schedule will be announced in class.


Getting started with Linux, CodeGrinder, GDB

Assembly, C, and architecture resources

Number conversions

Midterm exam practice

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